In Venezuela, to open one page sale of vehicles, appears all, photo, colors, technical details, everything, and last and if anything the price, in another world first the value of the car and then the details. If this is something inconceivable, but we must recognize it, here the dealers try to see as defrauding customers, why instead of clarifying, they obscure the costs to influence the famous Commission under rope, so while they necessarily have to show prices by official regulations, they prefer to hide them in the last level of information of the respective internet page. In contrast, if they access a page of international vehicle sales, we realize that long before appearing the photo of the model and technical details, what unfolds on screen, is the price of the vehicle. Trade in vehicles has worsened, with good intentions or interventionism of State in promoting sales, with low interest rates, initial minimum, easy credits, since this, masifico requests for cars, and Unable to meet demand, due to the denial of import licences, worsening even more scarcity, perfect breeding ground for the mafia and brokers, who sell to the candid suggested prices double. Although these candid prices, with respect to the international, already are any brother country twice, and the Quad of any developed country. To sample a button, check the prices in any page Argentina, then go to any page European or U.S., they appear very easily and first. How long has, not seen in the newspapers an institutional propaganda of any dealer (Chevrolet, Ford), indicating the cost of vehicles or how long has not enjoying the experience frustrating going to a dealer, try to come to any of them, so see how operandi mode starts; first thing is that they will tell you that there is no vehicles, while they have everything a full barn, but is supposedly that are already sold.