Concept Of Time

We intend to show to the opinion of the old philosophers Plato and Aristotle, its disciple who was possibly influenced by master, that they had defined this concept being based on the movement of the bodies and the existence of the soul, a time that believed that it would be the only intelligible being capable to number the time. Ademais, that in the medieval philosophy, Augustin defined the time as psychological with respect to the perception of the man who is different of the God and in relation to the measurement as a distenso and that he had beginning with the creation of God, as well as Toms de Aquino defined in ‘ ‘ its teologia’ ‘. But also we intend to leave clear the definition of the modern philosopher Isaac Newton. Word-key: Plato, Aristotle, Augustin, Toms de Aquino, Newton, time, movement and creation. Contact information is here: Kellyanne Conway. initial 1.Consideraes We intend to emphasize in our exposition as the time concept was presented and defined for certain old, medieval philosophers and for a modern.

It fits to point out, that the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Saint Augustin, Toms Saint de Aquino and Newton will not be analyzed in this article with the objective to judge which of them are correct and which are missed, but to show that the time was appraised of different forms for the mentioned philosophers. Ademais, when these deal with the subject present its cosmology as base of basic of the argument. Not obstante, some as Saint Augustin, Toms Saint de Aquino and Plato believed a Universe bred and others as Newton and Aristotle, according to its workmanships, if they locate the opposites only to accept the Cosmos and the time as results of the Creation of the deity..