Construction Work

Hopefully, this article will be of interest to all those who somehow decided to contact with the construction works. Someone builds a cottage, someone – a multi-storey buildings in residential areas of Moscow, someone might want to start your own construction business. In this article we shall examine the main types of construction, not including direct construction. The first step, think you will choose where to build (provided that have already decided what to build) but once I want to refute this claim. Decide what to build is not difficult, especially since you're interested, that interest did not arise out of nowhere, to find a place to build more complex, but Russia is big and then you need to think in Depending on what you want to build the most difficult is to find suppliers of all required construction services.

You may just be the customer or to specialize in a particular construction activity, but this complex multistep process and it begins with excavation. Earthworks – a construction of so-called zero cycle, which includes planning the work, digging trenches and drainage intelligence trenching, digging pits and dumping areas. Pit is a depression in the ground, the cat. Done for the subsequent creation of the foundation or other structure. Development of the pit is usually from the ground, but sometimes necessary to use special drop shafts.

The first step in the development of the pit is the geodesic breakdown, it is done to measure in detail and check all the angles pit. With special measuring instruments, such as: theodolite, level – possibly to achieve absolute precision in the layout of excavation. It is also essential in the initial construction process are non-metallic materials. For example it is sand. On the market There are many companies specializing in the sale of sand and its delivery, as these companies are engaged in the sale and delivery of crushed stone of all kinds, these materials for example reverse dumping areas and ditches. Of course all of these studies are not possible without special equipment. Examples of such techniques are trucks: Scania, Kamaz 6520, Volvo FM12, etc.; taps: 'Chelyabinets' MAZ-5337, KAMAZ-53228, etc.; excavators: EO-4225A, crawler excavators KATO; Bulldozers: URB-10M.01.10YA, TC-10 and others. Rental of construction equipment and its sale is now popular in the construction environment and sufficiently lucrative employment, so do not worry about buying their own cars, many parks provide you with the necessary models for rent at reasonable prices. But with this construction begins, to be continued in the following articles look at the remaining stages of construction.