CPO North America Ships

Lawyers secured compensation for ship fund investors it means “Five full speed ahead” on the prospect of ship funds established by MPC CPO North America ships 1. But where is the travel, is currently completely unclear for the investors of the Fund. Because the five full container ship of the Fund currently suffer the disastrous developments in the global ship markets. 85.8 million plus premium invested the investors in the year 2008 issued and distributed funds. The result from investors point of view is devastating: the running costs are now already more than twice as high as prospects, the distributions remain and the credit load takes US through one against taking currency of the Fund, $ rising Japanese Yen to, rather than to reduce repayments.

The individual ships and the entire Fund is located in an extreme economic difficulties. Good opportunities for claims for damages we have for many investors the MPC ship Fund CPO North America ships 1 flow and content of the Investment decision examined previous advice, as well as the Fund’s prospectus. Are were we came to the conclusion that the consultation has clarified mostly inaccurate about the risks of the Fund and all too often omitted essential aspects for the investment decision. In addition, the brochure has disruptive brochure defects. Thus good opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages and for an economic reversal of the participation arise for investors by the MPC Fund for ship CPO North America ships 1.

Numerous brochures and advice errors only 63% of investors funds used for investment purposes: the MPC Fund CPO North America ships 1 has, based on the investors capital (equity plus 5% premium) on a particularly high rate of soft costs. It was 36.7% according to our calculation. In the reverse case, this means that 63.3% of the money invested by the investors immediately flowed in construction and construction costs.