Studious of the subject they come affirming that the Brazilian people is recognized in the entire world for its enormous creativity, but although this not yet obtained to decide today until its basic social problems as the illiteracy, for example. However, other less creative peoples are successful financially and these analysts believe that this perhaps is fruit of its innovation. In the organizacional scope the problem occurs in function of the belief of many entrepreneurs of whom ' ' in teams who is gaining not if mexe' '. That is, when its companies are going well they are made comfortable and they do not look for to innovate or to improve. Ahead of this, we will see below the opinions of these analysts: The Creativity and the Innovation of the People Many Brazilians have excellent ideas, of unknown projects that had only been created in its proper mind. They had not implemented its creative ideas and they had not transformed them into innovations. Many until believe that its ideas had been ' ' roubadas' ' for other people, forgetting itself that good ideas are not patrimony of nobody? they are patrimony of the humanity. In summary she can yourself be affirmed that Brazilian we have really many original ideas (creativity), however we do not transform them into innovations.

That is, we do not generate value from this creativity. Creativity does not only decide nothing. To be creative it is enough to have some basic necessity, but to be innovative it is necessary knowledge, enterprising spirit, disciplines and mainly much education. The Knowledge is necessary to transform the good ideas into something tangible, concrete as an archetype or a project. The Enterprising Spirit to believe the ideas, to assume the responsibility on them, motivating the team and knowing ' ' vender' ' the innovation. It disciplines is the essential element so that the people if dedicate to the details and are fast in its decisions, therefore at this accurate moment somebody also can have had the same ideas.