Dictionary Of Slang

Dictionary school slang algebroids – a teacher of algebra. unit – appliances, electronics. Ladies – money, bills. bazaar – conversation. Stop Bazaar – Stop talking, shut up. Bandai – a handkerchief, tie on the head or knee. Bro, bratisha, mate – any person, is used as a treatment.

Buch – drinking. buchlov – drink, drink. bykovat – to attack, be aggressive towards anyone else. vacs – Ebony. Vydac – vcr. visa – a person who physiognomy. vodyara – vodka. Cut in – to understand, to guess, to penetrate.

Galima – 1. Complete, absolute, accurate. 2. Inaccurate, incorrect. Quenching – beat, beat. Hemorrhoids – check test. GOP-COMPANY – a rollicking, carefree company. coffin – tv. georgia – to lie, to say much. Gutalin – Ebony. devnik diary. Jin, – jeans. Georgica – dollar. dirya – Director. – disco dancing. melon – head. dyapan – my uncle, any person; used as a treatment. Iron, concrete – exactly guaranteed, for sure. Fucking, sleep – do not pass the exam, test. opened – 1. The plant, to warm up the audience. 2. Whore, whore. Sweeps – agreed on the hands, well, understandable. Sink – 1. Fall in love. 2. Strongly addicted to be possessed by something. zapadlo, zapadlyak, – 1. Vile, evil thing. 2. Laziness is not desirable. zaplyuschit – beat, beat. Bungle – break down, spoil. Sewn – not enough time, tired, tired. european bison – memorized people. Hysteric – a history teacher. cabin – head. Kaif – pleasure, satisfaction, joy, delight.