Critical summary of the Set of documents the History of the Things *Herclito Ney Suiter Summary: The present critical summary is on the called set of documents of 20 minutes the History of the Things, of authorship of the North American Annie Leonnard. In the video the author makes a boarding and an alert one on the system of current production, since the extration and production until the final consumption and its discarding. According to Annie, she has a narrow relation between the ambient problems and the social ones. We look for not prolongating in them on some ranks of the author not to be very extensive. This work is part of the bimonthly evaluation of disciplines of Management of Enterprises of Communication, given for the teacher and mestranda Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Word-key: Environment. Support.

System of production. Consumerism. Resumen: This revisin critical is en el documentary of 20 minutes llamado wool History Sews There, written for el estadounidense Annie Leonnard. En el video el author hace un planteamiento y joins warning on el current system of produccin, since there extraccin y there produccin auction el final consumption y there eliminacin. Of acuerdo con Annie, hay joins estrecha relacin between los problems ambientales y sociales. We deal with in thinking en algunas declaraciones del author of about the great being muy. This trabajo you are woollen woollen part evaluacin bimonthly disciplines woollen Comunicacin Gestin de Proyectos, impartida for el profesora y teacher Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Words clave: Surrounding average El.

Sostenibilidad. System of produccin. El consumerism. Postgraduate in Enviromental law and MBA in Ambient Management for the Facimab Par; Environmental Auditing will be the IEMA UK; After-graduating Communication in Crisis of Public and Private Institutions for Institute AVM BSB DF; Author of the book the conflict between economic development and ambient preservation; Academic of 5 period of the course of Social Communication Journalism of the University Center UnirG.