The carbon monoxide (CO) is toxic because it poisons the blood preventing the transport of oxygen in the human or animal body. CO strongly combines with hemoglobin in the blood and drastically reduces the oxygen carrying capacity. It is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of workers in the mines of coal, metallurgical, steel foundries, fires and confined places. This carbon gas is supremely more dangerous for man. You know, on the other hand, when burning molecules called methane, called natural gas, in the presence of oxygen, industrially produced a combination of water and carbon dioxide, these are easily released into our atmosphere with the burning of coal or oil in conventional steel, metallurgical industries or not metal foundries. Is through the burning of the gas methane in power plants which releases energy that mechanically driving the turbines that generate electricity, through the process of Electromagnetic induction, as well as that with the burning of petroleum. The excrement and the same meat of our farms, apparently healthy animals are being developed in environments increasingly impregnated with methane from the atmosphere (rain, waters, pastures).

The incomplete combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel in the engines of the vehicles, produces CO. We should remember that natural gas is the same methane is emitted to the atmosphere from four sources, in nearly the same proportions: agriculture, livestock, natural emissions in wetlands and fossil waste treatment. Here that a leak of methane gas into the atmosphere is much more harmful than a comparable emission of carbon dioxide after burning it. Given their high retention of radiation, methane is one of the worst greenhouse gases, so natural gas really is of itself a polluting substance nothing green and actively contributes to global warming when it is released to the atmosphere. Natural gas is not really a source of clean energy, nor is it so natural.