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Modern infrared heaters create pleasant radiant heat at low cost. Consumers should be aware of proven quality. Frankfurt, January 11, 2012 – heating with electricity has the reputation to be harmful to the environment and expensive. For old night storage heaters this certainly applies to, as well as for “powerful” cheap heaters, as they are often offered in hardware stores or online stores. However, modern infra-red heaters providing a meaningful and affordable heating of apartments, houses and commercial spaces with power are unknown to many consumers. On this, the online portal Energy Forum enlighten Hesse in a current special. Modern infrared heaters can be a viable alternative to other heating systems such as condensing boilers (oil, gas), solid fuel heaters (E.g.

pellet heating) or heat pump in many cases. This applies both in financial and ecological resources. In addition individual infrared heaters also as additional heating, E.g. for underutilized spaces are suitable or Holiday homes. An infrared surface heating is very easily installed, on many models, they be put simply just plugged into the wall. Just when replacing an outdated heating system the cost and installation costs are “classic heating systems” such as gas central heating or oil central heating by infrared heaters substantially lower than the installation. Of course, the cost advantage in old buildings, which were previously heated with electric after storage heater and where therefore a piping for a heating water circuit is missing is particularly high.

Another advantage is the lack of ongoing maintenance costs for regular inspections or the delicate stone sweeper. Last but not least infrared heating elements provide a very pleasant for the body heat of radiation, comparable with the warmth of the Sun. For many people with allergies and asthma this is kinder than the convection heat of traditional radiators. Modern infrared heaters in their efficiency significantly exceeded the old post storage heaters.