Energy Thoughts

Battling "p ensamientos negative, will it be a matter of energy? Many philosophical schools or systems of self-help warn about the benefits of maintaining luminous thoughts and observe the regulated thought advise avoiding as much as possible the entry of negative thoughts. They teach postures, prayers, ways of breathing, routines and different techniques in order to generate a spirit of optimism or simply to drive away those negative thoughts especially those versed in the complaint, blame the outside, fear, hopelessness, loss of faith The (auto)-reproach, the (self-) criticism, hatred, mistrust, etc.. The techniques for planning life, to organize time, and decision strategies are not out of this scheme. Each in its own way tries to explain that one should look for light thoughts, strive to avoid stopping on negative thoughts or external stimuli that are destabilizing. The recommendation can not save best intentions. However, people do not, if they do they can not sustain this habit for long. So many are tortured, are required, they feel failure, perceive themselves in some way inferior, and leave overwhelmed with sadness or cynicism primarily to discover the amazing ability to engage the mind with negative material and begin to trigger it. Experience confirms that proposed just remove negative thoughts and keep positive thoughts is not enough, is not easy to achieve and sustain without going crazy or depressed by so much effort. Regular battling the mind or she is not the path, the path is to know to operate on it intelligently, neither foolish nor omnipotent.