In either case, as we embark on a project or enterprise, we need to meet certain goals to qualify the project as successful. Achieving profitability in the process. Achieve recognition of our brand or product. Ensure the acceptance of our assumptions, ideologies and precepts. Improving our quality of life, or that of others, etc.. In summary, to achieve the goals we outlined at the beginning or re-launch our project. I do not want to deepen the specific topic of planning by market, assuming it as simple as it has been considered the most important aspects, define the market segment, establish the client, find the differences by which the customer will prefer our product (service, idea, etc.) over the competition, have defined a policy of price and finally, be prepared to communicate the message effectively to our audience, we have the solution to their problems, satisfying their needs at a price worth worth paying.

What follows is to be present in the minds of consumers and the place where our clients make the decision to purchase, which is different to the place where payment is made. I mention this because many clients I express doubts regarding the potential of online sales, to which I answer, that what they are questioning is the “online payment” and not “online business”, which are entirely feasible and desirable. An example to clarify the question of where purchasing decision makers, might be the housewife who goes to the supermarket to buy some cereal, she is influenced by advertising, by the preference of children and their budget.