Free Visitors To Your Website

Your website has a good design, you have the business idea, but no visitors and you’re telling yourself that no traffic going the wrong way, I’d like to share with you how to drive traffic to your website. There are about 50 methods that can be used, but I will mention four. When I need traffic to my web site immediately we can use the free marketing methods. Why? Well, first because they are free. Second, are forever. What do I mean by this?. The free methods are the ones who will be there forever. Unlike paid advertising, which is only visible on the Internet for the period of time. They are paying for that are gone.

These are the free marketing methods to drive traffic to your website: 1. Article Marketing. In my personal opinion article marketing is very powerful and effective. Start writing articles on topics related to your topic, using few words Key words and phrases relevant. Keep a brief but informative article. Enough to arouse the curiosity of readers who want to know more, in this way will visit your website.

You can add a link to your site in the last paragraph. If the item you write in an authoritative and good, will have impact in the blogosphere along with the benefit of the “backlink” for him. 2. Video Production. Another free marketing method I use when I need traffic to my website video production. Like article marketing, but with moving images and audio.Tanto Google and people love the videos. Make a short video on a topic related business and adds the key plabras. When you are satisfied you can upload your video to YouTube for example. 3. Blogging. You might think that blogging is an old and obsolete method, that is incorrect, blogs are easy to configure and can drive traffic to your website, provided you are using blogs correctly. Start a blog about your business or related topics. Break off his expertise in your topic and interesting, that people enjoy reading, you’ll quickly realize people begin to participate in their discussions. If you need traffic to a site is a necessary resource. I personally use Blogger but I accept that WordPress is a great platform. 4. Social Media Marketing. Become an account and create a profile on the major sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, etc. .. just to name a few. Put a picture of yourself on your profile page includes a little about yourself, your interests and provides a link to your website. Note, however, you are immersed in social media and not in the media business, so try to abstain from launching your business in the face of people. Instead, find people with a social conscience, who share common interests. Perhaps you have a hobby you want to share or personal interests. In doing so, meet people who have your same interests. Sooner or later you will ask about your business and what exactly you’re doing. Become the hunted. Be the hunter in online marketing is the methodology of the old school. In this article I only refer to the free marketing methods we can use to drive traffic to our website. Of course you can choose to invest some money and start using PPC advertising and banner. But as I said before, these methods are temporary and can be costly.