International Policy

Its exit towards the Space station the International is predicted for Friday. They fear that a storm can postpone the launching of the ferry. It will on board take four crew for a mission of twelve days. The NASA began east Tuesday the count down for the launching of the Atlantis next the 8 of July, with the fear of which a storm that advances towards Florida can darken the final mission of the era of the ferrys. Officially the clock began to tell 13,00 backwards h, hour of the east of the USA (17,00 GMT), but the NASA fears that the storm, that is in Bahamas and advances in northeast direction, forces to postpone the launching. Still there is nothing no decided, but the meteorologists of the NASA observe their evolution, according to indicated in press conference the spokeswoman of the meteorological service of the NASA, Kathy Winters, since the prognosis points at an increase of the cloudiness and a 60% of rain and storm in the zone of the launching Friday. It is predicted that the Atlantis start off for Estacin Espacial Internacional (EEI) 11,26 Friday to h (15,26 GMT) from the Space Center Kennedy in Cabo Cane plantation (Florida), with four crew in a mission of 12 days.

Spare parts and scientific material In their warehouses will take to the module Raffaello multipurpose with five tons scientific provisions, spare parts and equipment to supply to the EEI, that orbit to about 385 kilometers of the Earth, before it always concludes for the era of the ferrys. Also, it will transport the experiment Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM), designed to demonstrate and to prove tools, technologies and techniques necessary to resupply mechanically to the satellites in the space. The director of tests of the NASA, Jeremy Graeber, assured that the Atlantis are preparation and the person in charge of load of mission STS-135, Joe Delai, also affirmed that the material.