In the 21st century, and still in many countries, continents, polula hunger, wreaks havoc, where misery remains enslaved millions of beings wreaking havoc, condenandolos to death, but the sad thing is that they are children the most sustained, children requiring a hand, of people who give step noble emotions, love impregnated, collaboration, commitment. The fact of not living it us not frees us from this responsibility, our spiritual growth is increased to the extent that we are open to compassion, help, give love to the similar, beyond the ambitions of the power of the ego of the superficial. We must worry about learn to use our potential for life that is given to us in this short passage through this dimension, must know that we as a human we are, be sensible in the commitment of aid, laid the hand who need it, ensure that while we remain, all are happy, don’t let us catch by the illusory, the artificialeverything otherwise, delve into the sensitivity of the soul, providing you daily food with actions pure, authentic, transparent, of love, of Justice, of goodness, impregnated itself of that divine source that each one brings to birth. Fortunately there are godly beings open to the commitment to its responsibility to collaborate without ego interests and faced with these facts, they express for example: Lord, can there be so many people suffer, if all the things you did for everyone. Lord, how can humans take advantage of his brother and lead you to a position of such extreme need. Lord, how does not touch the heart of the powerful that they sympathize in their herman@sy pain repent of so much suffering as they are causing. Lord, you entrust, above all, children, innocent victims of the power and greed of humans.That I will soon have the world we want. Let us dream and that they can also dream of a more human and HAPPIER world.