KAYAK to PEDALS HOBIE MIRAGE PRO ANGLER the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler kayak is one of the lightest and most efficient kayaks that are currently on the world market. Its revolutionary design gives exceptional stability. It has everything that any lover of the fisheries need to maximize their experiences without sacrificing the comfort, functionality and stowage capacity. Pro Angler characteristics placed it in a single class, created for himself. Its load capacity is of more than 270 Kg has a flat storage area in which up to 6 fishing rods can stow. In addition it has 2 horizontal vertical 65. It has numerous areas of stowage in the helmet and the seat. There is a chest that can serve to save snapshots with ice or take fresh drink in bow.

You can incorporate you a probe, GPS, lights, electric motor eVolve, candles kit, sunshade Bimini top, tilt one way Dodger enjoy fishing or a cruise without noise and without fuel costs. And if we feel like rowing, also incorporates a shovel. Enjoy the impressive speed that you can buy with the Hobie MirageDrive system. This kayak also lets you navigate with electric motor eVolve at an approximate speed of 2 miles per hour with an autonomy of 8 hours. You can combine the pedaling with the MirageDrive system along with the shovel. In this way you will get work many muscles of your body with very little effort. In addition greater Hobie can incorporate sailing system.