Latin America

China advances not be ignored that China aspires to progress in all aspects. It seeks to put a vehicle buggy unmanned on the Moon by 2012, which lay the foundations for their maximum ambition of putting a man on the natural satellite. In October 2003, China became the third country that launches a man into space with its own rocket, after the former Soviet Union and United States. The Asian power sent in October 2005 two additional astronauts on a five-day flight in his spacecraft Shenzhou VI. China launched its third manned in September space mission, and released a live recording of their first spacewalk, which captivated the nation. His first probe lunar, Chang e-1 satellite, named after a mythological lonely goddess who lives on the Moon and longs for her husband, it concluded its mission last month after orbit thousands of times the Earth satellite. China will send a probe and a buggy Lunar near 2012, reported the Beijing News daily, citing State television. Before the lunar probe, China will send Chang e-2 satellite to complete another mission around the Moon, said CCTV.

China said its lunar mission would include three steps of orbit, landing and returning, but so far has not revealed any manned lunar mission scope, impact on the other hand program also exists, a serious concern for us, as, outlines the growing influence of China in Latin America. You don’t want or imagine the consequences of a possible contagion of Communist ideology to the countries of the subcontinent, many of them led by left-wing governments like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia or Uruguay. And even less the effect on its economy of a commercial Alliance fruitful with these Nations. Finally, after they are exports to Asian countries, primarily to China, those who are pulling their GDP. Faced with this situation, Washington has opted to trivialize the economic benefits of a rapprochement between the continent and the Asian giant.