Leningrad Oblast

Thus, this scheme should be one of the solutions to the problem of financing for both developers and for their contractors. New construction technology This year as never rich in innovative solutions that are aimed at reducing the time and cost of construction, energy efficiency projects. Must noted that many of them have long been tested in the West, but little used in Russia. Here we can say the crisis has only thanks. Otherwise, a technological breakthrough in our construction industry, perhaps, might not happen. In this September, the investment and construction group Freedom was first launched in Russia in Leningrad Oblast production line for production and collection of framed structures (German Fachwerk – Farm) for the construction of town houses Individual or standard designs. On modern technology half-timbered house is made of laminated veneer lumber and softwood glazing from floor to ceiling.

Double-glazed windows with high insulation properties used as filler elements. In the factory will be processed structural elements, and carries out the house. In Western Europe, this technology is known for more than five hundred years. We have to the whole country is built on the strength of ten homes – and in the last year or two before the crisis. Mass production will reduce the cost of half-timbered building in half and make them three times faster. According to nri founder Freedom Vadim Novikov bidding price decreases due to unify the decisions the continued availability of storage remains, a significant reduction in the cost of transporting building materials.