Lufthansa Cheap Travel Miles

Travel report 2008 now in bookstores for several days of travel report 2008 is published “(ISBN: 978-3833474422) available from Alexander Koenig finally nationwide at all online retailers, as well as on the book Web site ( In the sequel book of successful predecessor travel report 2007 “, the author describes, how you can implement taking advantage of customer loyalty programmes in the fields of airlines, car rental companies and Hotels luxury travel at affordable prices. The reading of the book causes a complete re-think on most readers, who are not versed in this matter. Quite a few are then to so-called miles junkies”mutated because they have realized you have to be not a good traveler to make itself work programs such as Lufthansa miles & more. And the regular private travellers can benefit fully. A particularly impressive example provides Alexander Koenig in his latest newsletter, April 2008. Award miles can be purchased without to fly up to 120,000 Lufthansa for scarce 30 euro.

This is enough to fly this twosome in the Lufthansa business class from Germany to Dubai. In contrast to economy class, you can enjoy a private bed, best catering and comprehensive entertainment on the flight. The regular price is for two people more than 7,000 euro. But who Lufthansa miles & more skillfully exploited, can realize the whole thing for said 30 euros plus tax. There are countless other examples, which are described in detail in the travel report 2008, BMW drive such as 4 days-five for 135 euro, gain VIP status at Hotel programmes as soon as possible, in 5-star hotels Save 60% or more u.v.m. For more information on the website for the book order now at Amazon!