True, the water etoprimitiv compared with the following method, which I told the employee vdannoy industry with the experience. Fuel truck, filled to the bar blends dry, and on counter goes shortage liters 50-80. Is this possible? Course possible. Particularly clever and greedy drivers attach to an inconspicuous place in the barrel of some inflatable object such as a large ball, well adalshe, I think, need not be explained. Tank filled to capacity, and the rest – not their problem. In general, gas stations, usually petrol comes already in the fuel truck. The fact that in Ukraine there are only neskolkodesyatkov refineries and suppliers of oil – more.

Honest – units, mostly vseeti countless Ltd operate on two principles. First – buy 76-ybenzin, increase the octane number additives and sell it as the 95 th. Second, make a frame in the pipeline, they buy oborudovaniepodeshevle refinery, and drive gasoline or diesel fuel alone. The quality of natural speech is not. In Lugansk region is a small village, where, according to a fuel tanker driver, works in hangar a machine that surpasses the oil in diesel fuel. fabulous! Dark, muddy, thick, with lots of melkihvkrapleny, not to mention the large big flakes of oil. Kachestvobenzina too, are different – from good to ugly. For example, in the small town of Lugansk region often had to 92nd cloudy, with a vigorous knocking resonant smell, and most importantly, that if you omit this petrol a libopredmet, then, being lessons, he immediately covered with a white film.