Managing Director

ECI-drilling platform again is Stuttgart in the assisted area – test drilling for the planning of infrastructure, 09.05.2012. “While in Germany spring is coming, it will at least slow to warm in the Cook Inlet in Alaska that the drilling activities of energy capital invest in the ECI aid kitchen lights unit” as planned could be continued. End of April the Spartan drilling platform was 151 “of the internationally operating operating energy company from Stuttgart dragged after the winter break again in the assisted area. “Due to weather conditions occurring in autumn and winter, the drilling activity was interrupted as planned end October 2011 and the drilling platform in the ice-free port of port Graham” brought. “” From there moved”the tug of Justin FOSS, Warrior” and Pacific Explorer “the platform end April back in the ECI regional aid, where the 54-strong team of Spartan 151” completes the first hole to the planned depth of around 16,500 feet (about 5 km). Alaska 1 “, the first hole the ECI in the eligible area, was conducted last year by August to a depth of about 8,800 feet (about 3 km).

And the results of this first part bore talk lights unit in Alaska kitchen certainly for the ECI area: so, 13 eligible layers with a natural gas reserve of up to 1 trillion cubic feet natural gas were found. Mid-2012 team of Spartan 151 should “start with the second hole in the assisted area kitchen lights unit. In addition, the necessary infrastructure, such as pipelines and production platforms, should be designed and partially built this year. Since the first pipelines to transport of the extracted natural gas and oil should be completed by the end of 2013, several test drilling in the vicinity of the first drilling have been made in the past few days. So far, three funds and private placements of the ECI in Alaska are invested. More are to follow. The possibilities in Alaska are exceptional”, says Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital Invest. So were set in Alaska, the Department of natural resources, already five more drill holes with the competent authority, and voted.

“We are on schedule with the Alaska project and could clarify all the prerequisites for a successful and sustainable implementation in addition in recent weeks with the Government of Alaska and already over the lifetime of the Fund”, according to the ECI – Managing Director. Under most conditions CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria would agree. Alaska is waiting for the gas deposits of the Stuttgart-based issuers, because natural gas is so expensive in scarcely a region and, although sitting on gigantic own occurrence. Is a participation of US oil and gas Fund XIII KG possible. The Fund, which already end of 2014 should be disbanded, offers as the predecessor Fund an attractive yield maximum up to 14 percent per year, the tax-free can be captured up on the reservation of the progression in Germany. 15,000 euros, plus five percent agio, investors can participate in oil and gas Fund XIII KG the US. A chance, the currently many investors perceive.