Marx Work

Few works in the history of the humanity have been reason for permanent and translated controversy to so many languages by their impact in the daily life of the man. It is Capital one of those works in which perhaps, without seting out it, Carlos Marx left a legacy of empirical knowledge, and scientists others, that have been interpreted repeated times for more than a century and that today, before the apparent failure of Capitalism like system economic, incapable to solve the most elementary problems of the humanity, would seem to be of return. It is so the amount of works printed of the Capital that from 1,946 in the past century, the Institute Marx-Engels-Lenin of Moscow began to register the variants of different original editions from it builds and the preparatory material works, many of still unpublished them, who served to him basic with the purpose of to rescue the scientist truly. It is necessary to warn then, that the translations and philosophical interpretations of Marx been have impregnated of ideologies and extreme enthusiasms and therefore in not few cases, exaggerations and inaccuracies play definitive role in the different versions on the same subject. It is clear if, that the theories set out in this work, deepened and still they maintain the fight of classes around the essential elements of the discussion, is worth to say, the Earth, the work and the capital. Although Carlos Marx was the one who more clearly demonstrated that on paid work of the worker the manual or intellectual she does not constitute the capital gain or the benefits of the capital, nevertheless, already other economists had indicated vaguely the fact.