McCain Campaign And Taxes

Con over taxes, Obama said making a comparison between McCain and the current president, a The not being loyal to George Bush . The McCain campaign responded with charges that Obama’s ideas are unrealistic and will result in government intervention in the economy, slowing development. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s chief economic adviser, said Obama’s proposals are good for those who have a rosy vision of life . Richard Marston, Wharton finance professor, says, to McCain’s proposal to extend the Bush tax credit does not pass, at this time of campaign rhetoric. a Oeno is how to prolong the duration of the cuts now that the political winds changed direction he says, adding that McCain was unable to specify which tax cuts are most important. a The voters need a more objective view of the economy. Marston adds that Obama’s fiscal policy is more refined presented by the Democratic candidates in the last two elections, and stressed that the plan Obama has in the spotlight, specifically, the taxes that affect the income of Americans earning more than $ 250,000 a year.

a The idea seems to be this: those who earn less than that will give immediate support to such tax increases , evaluates Marston to know if that’s what will happen, but it is certainly a drastic change . Marston says in addition, that Obama and his advisers did not dispute whether the tax increase will impact on the incentives granted to companies, leading them to reinvest and generate new growth.