Metabolic Diet

It is not known how they can remove up to 10 pounds in two weeks by whom exactly the metabolic diet comes. It has spread rapidly through the Internet and found too much attention in various women’s magazines and diet books. With her it should be possible in the first two weeks, and that to remove up to 10 kilograms, without major starvation, but with a strict diet plan, you must follow exactly. It does not, you compromised his successes, it has already gained with this diet. Exact discipline is so very important in the first two weeks.

The diet plan looks, that it is used only for seven days, and you can just start in the second week by newly with the plan. Each on the evening of the seventh day, you can eat a meal on request. There are only three meals a day and no snacks in between. According to the plan, no alcohol and no sugar are allowed. Also, you should drink only water in two weeks and try refrain from oils, salts and various drinks. At breakfast, you may still take a few carbohydrates in the form of bread or toast.

The lunch and dinner focuses then however much on protein food. Here you can eat especially meat in all variations, eggs or fish. Henry yaschik has plenty of information regarding this issue. Moreover, whatever some salad. If you want to read the whole metabolic diet plan, there is a link at the end of the article. The metabolic diet should cause the metabolism of the person through the food changes in two weeks and is thus stimulated to burn more. This method was but never scientifically confirmed, however, there are many who swear by this kind of diet. The metabolic diet is the Atkins Diet very similar. The Atkins diet also relies on a few carbohydrates and many proteins and fats. So the body should be encouraged fats to produce energy rather than carbohydrates, to use. To read more click here: technology at millennium. The difference between the metabolic diet and the Atkins diet is that the metabolic diet comes just over two weeks and make a diet at the Atkins Diet over long period of time must change. Thus, the metabolic diet is easier to implement because there is one slightly over two weeks. But also here cravings can occur in between, there are only three solid meals. There is also the danger that one again quickly increasing the lost weight after two weeks and thus enters the yo-yo effect. There are good and bad experiences with the metabolic diet. She has one the other geheulfen. It must be said that it depends on the respective body. Some will help this diet, others not. But everyone with this diet can significantly take off in the first two weeks. Another question is whether the weight can then be kept.