Mobile Banking

Today it is impossible to provide residents of, say, Japan or South Korea, which do not enjoy the services of mobile banking. In these countries, cell phone for a long time combines the functions of communication, kompyutera.personalnogo Secretary and electronic purse. For example, the Japanese company DoCoMo has recently launched a service whereby the subscriber receives at its disposal a mobile credit card with a certain credit limit for the commission of monetary transaction. Of course, the Russian banks to mobile maps is far, but it is a very good example of great prospects for mobile banking. What is mobile banking, which the benefits it provides to banks and which gives opportunities to their clients? Mobile Banking – it's mobile services, allowing customers to conduct transactions with their contribution and a bank account without visiting the bank.

As any innovative service, mobile banking for the customer in many ways more convenient to traditional forms – telephone communication with the customer service department or a personal visit to the bank, and even of "Internet Banking". Benefits are based on the main features of mobile services: any mobile service allows us to establish with the client a personal, deeply personal touch. The company, which transmits to the client or receiving information from him using his mobile phone can be fully confident in the uniqueness of the client and his willingness to receive the information – that is difficult to guarantee, say, in the case of contact via the Internet. In addition, when a client communicates with the bank through "Internet Banking", his attention is scattered, he is distracted by many other objects, which sees on the screen – this is the feature of internet communications.