MPFind Pro Media Management

MP3Find Pro was separated: a confusing software were several functional modules. It is accomplished, MP3Find Pro”was separated successfully. elated topic. There were several functional modules from a software. The former MP3Find clean-up functions area (duplicate search, Massentagging, etc.) has been adopted in an own product with the name “Mediapurge”. The new interface provides additional and guides the user through the various functions of the program.

The highlight is of course the duplicate search by audio comparison. This function has been taken over in Medipurge and developed, so the audio comparison now available on multiple processor cores can run at the same time. Jingle player”and Talkover” (formerly Mikrofoncrossfader) is available as a fully independent Softwarekomponten available, can functions be but connected via the MP3Find API continues to MP3Find. “Talkover” is now also for Windows Vista and 7 available in version 2. Thus following arise Products that can be combined naturally any: MP3Find: search, evaluate, manage, cross fading, etc. Mediapurge: (former MP3Find clean-up function menu) duplicate search, Massentagging and other scavenging features jingle player: jingles playing a Talkover: moderation all programs are available free of charge, additional information and program download under / and now also on Facebook under Media Management Peter Lorenz