National Geographics

Is everything corrupt? The recent Popes have changed their registration and have asked forgiveness for historical actions of the Holy Church and, in some cases, have even asked where was God at the time of such misfortune, injustice, slaughter or sacrifice. Whenever I hear the news also I wonder where is God. Yes, sixty years ago it was the Holocaust, Iraq yesterday, today Lebanon, but there is also extreme poverty, migrants, the homeless, yesterday reminded Me a friend that in that infinite bottomless also gets the impotence and the silent suffering of society to see that the corrupt brick, policy and finance, bad called thieves of white glove within a few weeks, or a few months at the most, they will come out of jail and will continue with its embezzled millions. While other many thieves need, hunger bandits, remain in years and years, Teal with families torn apart by the separation, but do not have teams of lawyers that you defend them, profiting the nooks and rear doors of the Act, as well as the prescriptive pressures and influences, because I answer you that society is responsible for such disturbances or injustices. I think that it should not justify nor much less any theft or damage to public or private property, however small it might be, but I suspect that will unfortunately have reason. Says Bart D.

Ebrman in the book the Gospel of Judas, published by National Geographics, remaining clear that the Dios de Jesus is good and is not much less the Creator God of the Jews, this world belongs to the Kingdom of perdition or taking another possible translation, of corruption. Keeps on saying: this world is not the wonderful creation of the one true God. Only when there were appeared all the other deities came into existence the God of the Old Testament (called the), followed by his aides, the bloodthirsty rebel Yaldabaoth and Saclas idiot. These two created the world and then to humans. Then, do I can interpret that the? adherents of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, worship Saclas idiot and the Yaldabaoth rebel? Even if all this were true, it would still wondering where was that good God in those moments of suffering and why let the fool and the rebel to do much damage.