Natural Resources

According to experts, the new plan will be doubly effective, as well as help in the rescue of birds. Violators will be punished. Over the past year the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental environment has been verified 268 service stations and selected 888 samples of motor fuel. At 43 filling stations petrol was found not inconsistent with the environmental requirements of the city of Moscow. On the facts of violations by the Department of Nature and the Environment filed the resolution on administrative charges amounting to 14 million 900 thousand rubles. 28 penalties on the $ 9 million 500 thousand rubles have already been paid.

For the rest – or has not yet expired voluntary payment of fines, or regulations are under review. with a complete 'black list' stations (ACP), realizing the motor fuel, do not meet environmental requirements of the City of Moscow, in 2007, can be available here (). New Year's Eve, and old problems Japanese scientists are concerned about the possibility of human avian influenza. They calculated that if the bird flu virus mutates into a 'human' form and penetrate into Japan, from him could kill 640,000 people and the economy will suffer a 20 trillion yen (about $ 200 billion). These calculations have appeared since the last days of death was announced on the prc man infected with the avian flu from his relative, and scientists expect that it appeared a new deadly strain transmissible from person to person. Do not doze and Japanese companies, the most agile of them connection with such apocalyptic predictions in the strictest confidence started to develop special measures to prevent general panic and the preservation of production.