Overcome Poverty

An endogenous development, balanced, global and sustainable in a world still dominated by extreme poverty and inhumane inequalities is possible. Report from poverty to power, how can change the world active citizens and effective States, presented by the NGO Oxfam International, is part of a study of lessons learned in over one hundred countries in the last ten years for a reflection on the future of the development. Duncan Green, Coordinator of the NGO research, describes a world in which resources are available to everyone, but very poorly distributed, to the extent that the income of the 500 people richer on the planet are superior to what you perceive the 416 million poorest people. This injustice marks the lives of one billion people living in abject poverty, and in many cases, becomes cause of his death. This inhumane inequality determines that a child does not reach their fifth birthday of life depending not only on the country where he was born, but of the environment which is born. Because even within countries, inequalities are huge and frightening.

The gap grows every day and condemns more people to poverty, disease and a life without minimum human dignity to which are entitled. Together with the factors that emerge in the media are the increase in the price of oil and food have to add climate change, which causes instability that affects the most vulnerable. But the media also reported that more than 70% of the increase in the price of fuel is due to the shameless and unpunished financial speculation. This data does not seem to move Governments. Economic growth seems insufficient to end poverty by the enormous inequalities that still persist. The report again to propose the solution provided by civil society movements who argue that another world is possible, because it is necessary. It’s a profound redistribution of power, assets and opportunities with the guarantee of the entire population access to education, to the health, drinking water, responsible motherhood and good nutrition.