Pablo Nocheln

– He is Pablo Nocheln -. Her mother said to him and this one stopped ***reflxing mng itself. – That cannot be, if it has not left in ten years, minimum would have to be older jajaja Oiga, To what made it thing leave their jail? -. The boy with curiosity asked. – Thing? I would not be so safe that outside one thing made what it leave jajaja, but already we leave as much talk that we are going to eat. Woman, already you can serve -.

Juan said. And thus he spent the night, Pablo did not say many things but he ***reflxed mng myself with the jokes of his friend and was the great dinner. The short while one took leave of all, had to return early to house. He accompanied it to Juan until the door. – Friend mine, was a huge dinner -.

Pablo said. – He gave to much taste tenerte Me here in house, again -. – If the morning dinner is like the one of today, I am able to come again from visit -. – A woman was your perdicin and now another the life is saving you -. – I do not know of what you speak -. – I am not idiot friend mine, only I can decirte that I am glad for you and which I hope that you do not lose this girl, because she yes is worth the pain not like the Lucrecia -. – The night my brother is beautiful, we do not dim it -. Juan agreed and he took leave. Already from return to its house, Candle wanted to rest because it had been a quite long day. But one paid attention to the package that had given Pablo him. It decided that the moment had arrived for finding out what was.