Personal Coaching

Beyond effective techniques beyond powerful automotivadores resources and of course more than any previously established solution, according to my experience, what really makes that default goals, can get is the process prior to the implementation of any tool for change. Let me explain. On many occasions that we work in processes of change, both therapeutic and coaching, sin of trying to impose the most effective technique or the ultimate solution to the problem that is pressing to our customer. And we do it with the best of intentions because we think that this is the best way to help you. Unfortunately is often not paying enough attention to what makes a significant difference, and that it is another thing to know before any intervention what is really happening to that person, as it happens and why. It seems obvious, but in practice not the case. The coach usually launches to try to the best of their techniques in the hope that it works for the If concrete that occupies him and above all for the particular person with which he works.

Eventually, I could see that the most effective is to devote all the time necessary (even more than the first session) simply to obtain quality information that allows us to create a valid and sufficiently complete model of the subject. Subsequently already will have time to extend that model, launching hypotheses about what can be more favorable, use the emotional freedom and ultimately make use of our best repertoire. But all of this, when you have created the model of which I speak. It is very common that with little time for communication with the customer, we already come to a conclusion about what we believe what happens and then we intervene. Once again I believe that we must have enough peace of mind.

And for me, it is much more useful to not reach no conclusion closed, but on the other hand, explore different possibilities that enrich our perception of what is happening to that person. In reality, it is sometimes not even necessary to make too many specific processes of change because when the person understands that it does, as do and that makes it, as you have many more resources to be effective in what you want. At this time, now if, with a higher level of awareness by coach and coachee, time to propose changes and make use of EFT and other techniques of liberation has come. At this time I have no doubt that improvements will be evident and also to have a more accurate understanding of the process, it will be much easier to follow the direction that we have set ourselves. So if are interested in personally, improve before considering you change anything, strive to understand much better how things are. Understand first place which means being in, will help you to get more comfortable, efficient and quickly to B. A cordial greeting Jose Ramon LumCas original Autor and source of the article