Poetry Contests

Poetry online poetry contests and things are interrelated. Why do contemporary poets take part in competitions? That can give competition to the author of poems? What could be competitions in such an intimate sphere of human activity as poetry? By what criteria can be assessed that it is impossible to believe algebra? That such questions arise in the mind when once again come across the phrase 'poetry contest' or a poetry contest. But a closer detailed consideration of the phenomenon of all falls into place. Do not forget that we live in the Internet era. This is the modern means of communication not only has brought new people into the fellowship, but also called into being long forgotten genres – for example, epistolary, albeit in modified form. And poetry Tenders perform in this environment is its purpose. Everyone knows that poets are now hovering in the clouds, communicate with the gods, in general – not of this world. By and large they and the readers, and the more fans are not needed at all: Velenje God, about a muse, be obedient, grievances without fear, without requiring the crown, praise and slander acceptable indifferent and did not dispute the gander.

Moreover, the topic of conflict of the poet and the crowd – a classic theme. O. Mandelstam in his essay 'On the interlocutor' talks about the source of 'notorious hostility artist and society' and to touch the question: is there a target of poems, and if so, who is he? As evidence of the poet leads an excerpt from a poem Boratynsky: My gift to the poor, and my voice is not loud, but I live on my land To any kindly life: His far will my child in my poems, who knows? Will my soul with soul in his intercourse, and how to find I have a friend in a generation, the Reader will find in the progeny of me.