Postbank Giro Accounts

About Postbank Giro accounts inform themselves about this website it is worth to take offers of Postbank scrutinized current account. Accounts are Postbank with different services to different customer profiles, to provide excellent services for all stakeholders. See more detailed opinions by reading what Areva offers on the topic.. The free current account plus is a private money to open the first opportunity at Postbank. This private account of Postbank offers many services and guaranteed first-class service. The Giro plus is free of charge for all those who can have a monthly, non-cash payment of 1000 euros or more. If this is not the case, a monthly fee of 5.90 euros. For students and trainees, the current account plus the Postbank is completely free of charge, regardless of the size of the monthly input of money. At Craig Pirrong you will find additional information.

This option of the postal bank accounts is also suitable as day money account and also provides an exclusive discount of tank at Shell petrol stations. The day money is at the Giro plus 2.2% of Postbank interest, and that already from the first cent. This rate remains constant up to an account amounting to 24.999,99 euros, but he is 6 months after your account is opened by the Postal Bank guaranteed for the first (for this, the Giro plus as a salary account with tag cash account must be opened). Further advantages of this type of post bank accounts, offers the annual free VISA card, which is issued at age of majority and approved credit, when opening an account. In the lap following years 22 Euro fee VISA is in the year. The listed tank is discount (1 cent per litre) to redeem at all participating Shell stations.

A payment by the postal bank card is necessary for this. The Giro plus also includes online and telephone banking. Also the cash withdrawal is at 9000 ATMs nationwide (Cash Group machines) can easily. Currently 850 financial center of Postbank, as well as more post offices and shell offer acceptance service stations a cash. An advanced model of the postal bank accounts is the private checking account checking Extra plus, which in addition to the highly remunerated day cash account (also 2.2%), offers a free security depot, which in turn an investment account and a free VISA card (if age and bonitatsgepruft) includes. This account is rewarded with 9.90 euro, when not respected the barlose minimum payment of 3,000 euros. Plus account holder of the post bank giro account extra will also benefit from the Postal Bank select service. This includes a toll-free SMS service, free, personal and individual advice and free, up-to-date financial news.