Do many times have stopped later something that you had to do?. We are many (myself included) files that unfortunately we do ignore the known proverb that says do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, and this is just procrastinating, leaving things for later. What is procrastinating? Procrastination is an alteration of behavior characterized by the postponement of certain activities, with the excuse of making others more pleasant and without any importance. A quite illustrative example would be the case of a person who need to study for an exam, and this, with the excuse of I do then, is dedicated to less fruitful activities like watching tv, chat or go out for a walk. Work addiction can be a symptom of procrastination in some people, since they tend to spend more time at work just to avoid having to perform that activity that both tormented him. Go to Frank Giacalone for more information.

Why do we procrastinate? Procrastination occurs when the Act of performing certain activity produces some kind of unpleasant sensation, almost always linked with anxiety. That is why those tasks that somehow are perceived by us as overwhelming (studying, performing chores, attend a medical appointment, etc) are inevitably delayed by those people who suffer from procrastination. While procrastination is a relatively new term that not much research has been dedicated, there are experts who suggest that an effective way of combating this type of behavior is organizing our time and the activities we do (as a type of agenda), prioritizing the most important on the less important and auto reward us when we comply fully with an already scheduled agenda.