Quality System Certification Institute

Plant Kamkabel certify their products to international quality standard iso 9001.Sistema quality of Kamkabel certified by the national Quality System Certification Institute of Certification (Moscow) for compliance with gost R iso 9001-96 (ISO 9001-94) 'Quality System. Model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and maintenance. " MoskabelZAO Plant Moskabel, successfully promoting their products and are constantly learning new kinds of production, is a subsidiary of Moskabelmet. On Currently a group of companies Moskabelmet – successfully developing industrial and commercial complex. Today, jsc Moskabel plant is the largest cable company in the central part of the Russian Federation and manufactures a wide range of power cables with impregnated paper insulated 10 kV, polymer-insulated (PVC, PE) voltage to 6 kV, including armored type and self-carrying insulated wires (SIP) voltage to 35 kV. Commercial production of a new generation of cable with insulation made of vulcanized polyethylene (IIc), fireproof cables, including low-gas-smoke release (with an index of "ng-LS, cable (with an index of "ng-HF and fire-resistant cables (with an index of "ng-FR.

Successful competition in the cable medium voltage to 10 kV can cjsc Zavod Moskabel for decades ensure that their products structure of rao ues, subway stations, facilities construction industry throughout Russia and cis countries. back almost six decades, and can rightly be proud of its history. All this time the plant has changed and is continuing to evolve to meet new market conditions, to be competitive. The main task of Rybinsk cable plant – to take strong position in the market, producing products that meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.