Russian Foreign Ministry

” One has only to be replaced in the comments the words ‘State Department’ to ‘Foreign’ and ‘Democrat’ to ‘compatriot’, as there is the same sacramental question – why, despite the growing financial investment and the creation of new structures, these efforts do not yield the desired result in dealing with Russian compatriots – split deeper, and insincerity and hypocrisy of all more? And as the viciousness of the principle of ‘whoever is not with the Foreign Ministry – that does not compatriot’, none at all beyond doubt. There is no doubt either that “the Russian Foreign Ministry have carefully studied the regular annual report of the State U.S. Department of sustaining democracy in the world ‘, nor in blatant bias of this report, but even the Foreign Ministry acknowledged that’ gosdepovsky report formally presents a report on the performance of selected foreign policy U.S. State Department budget. ” A similar report where the Foreign Ministry? Maybe that’s why the Americans, which the Foreign Ministry calls the ‘partners’ with no quotes -‘ when the opportunity does not shun to declare the Russian program of support Compatriots Abroad political provocations, which must be monitored and stopped ‘? And really, what kind of democracy ‘programs of support for compatriots abroad’ funding which contains a secret, perhaps, no less than the funding of its SVR illegals? A guide these ‘democratic’ organizations, perpetrated by individuals who have no right to do so even under the rules established itself as the Foreign Ministry?! Not to mention the fact that the adopted law, is regulated by issuing certificates of public members of compatriots’ organizations that are registered in other countries?! Maybe that’s why to organizations of Russian compatriots are with undisguised suspicion, even in the partner countries of Russia on this sverhdoveritelnym unions as the CSTO. So much so that even Uzbekistan ‘not recommended’ its Delegation of Russian compatriots to take part in the recent World Conference! And the Foreign Ministry for its failure to attend the conference is absolutely no response!? However, it is understandable – the basic function of any Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to maintain normal relations with other states, the Russian Foreign Ministry will not go to them, even the slightest aggravation due to compatriots, especially the issue of work with compatriots is not a priority for top Russian leaders. This is a good way to demonstrate Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during his official visit to Ukraine in May of this year For a long meeting with the students of Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko had found time to meet fellow – no.

As with. Zmievka Kherson region is now home to about 200 descendants of the Swedes who settled in this region as early as 1782. Nevertheless, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia during his visit to Ukraine in autumn 2008 was considered his duty to visit the village in which they live their countrymen. After the law was signed by the President of Russia and its entry into force, Russian compatriots, which forces the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the final transition into submission to his “professional compatriots’ will just have to build a new system of relations with Russia government agencies that in the prevailing situation not only aggravate the already profound rift in the organization of Russian compatriots, but will lead to their confrontation.