Security Requirements

It is necessary to comply with some simple but important security requirements. In principle, they are common to any vehicle, but repetition as they say Practice makes perfect, and remember that compliance with safety regulations must first of all for you: – Carefully read the manual operation of the engine before the start of its operation. – Before Begin to examine the engine, make sure it is good condition and only then proceed to run it. To facilitate the launch at low temperatures is forbidden to use an open flame to heat pipes and oil sump. – Fueling and oil production by pumping facility, equipped with fine filters. – Daily check the condition of pipes and joints. Prevent leakage of fuel and oil.

In a timely manner to clean and wipe all of the engine. – During start-up and operation of the engine to prevent unauthorized persons. – During the launch, operation and after stopping the engine is prohibited to stop the impeller fan by any means at hand. – Do not grease, not to regulate, and not wiping running engine. – When performing maintenance, inspection and repair, use low voltage lighting up to 36V. – Do not preheat the engine in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

– When performing maintenance only use defective power tool its purpose. – In case of overheating engine oil filler cap in the cooling system to open a fist, being careful, because can occur ejection of hot water and steam. – Avoid the possibility of burns in discharge of oil. Remember that burns oil are chemical in nature. – Remember that the ethylene glycol fluid and ‘Antifreeze’ poisonous if swallowed. – When extinguishing inflamed spilled fuel use extinguishers, sand to fill the flame, cover asbestos blanket, felt or tarpaulin. Do not fill up the flames with water. – In carrying out electric welding on the car directly in order to prevent failure of the relay controller must disable switch “mass” and disconnect the wire from terminal “+” generator. Wire mass welder must be connected in close proximity to the weld. -To repair Use only original parts it would significantly increase the life of a kontafakt often simply dangerous. Good luck to you in a renovation!