Social Sciences

Examples: scientific capital (books, publications etc); capital stock (the social relationships; to be public figure or known friend of somebody? valley for all the fields); cultural capital (to travel for some countries, to say some languages, to attend some films and expositions of art) etc. These accumulated wealth if they give to obtain a position of dominncia in the field. The capital accumulated in one determined field can be transferred to another one, since that both the fields require the same ones. For example, who is model accumulates capital that can be converted for the field of the soap operas added other specific capitals; football players can become esportivos commentators. Some fields dispute between itself as, for example, the field of Social Sciences and the Journalism that want to see its speeches legitimated. The journalists accuse the social scientists to write for few while the rejoinder is in the fact of these to write the obvious one. In this type of analysis talent does not exist, vocation, dom, therefore, its position inside of a field will depend on as you incorporated the social one. The individuals if do not dislocate to perhaps in the social space, but, they adjust its aspirations to its objective chances.

The vocation would be this anticipated adhesion to the objective destination that if imposes for habitus, for the structure and the volume of inherited capital for ' ' field of possveis' ' objective offered a definitive individual. Thus, vocation would be the combination of the inherited capital, habitus and the possibilities of the field. Perhaps it would depend on the position in the field as well as the gostos. In a bourdiesiana boarding, habitus is what it determines the position of the individual in the field. For example, it will be that Mozart would be Mozart if its father instead of musician had possessed person another profession? in the artistic field, Fernanda Montenegro, for example, when taking care of of its career choosing good papers, good directors, constructed a capital that provides dominncia to it in the field.