Stess At Work

Among those involved in the change, there are different levels of tolerance to stress that it produces. In any case, exceed the threshold of tolerance can damage the physical and psychological health of individuals. The existence of very well prepared and very smart people does not necessarily mean that the group will understand and will accept the change better. Sometimes the opposite happens, because the group uses its ability to rationalize or justify the reasons for their resistance to change.

If the Manager as a promoter of change makes that his collaborators participate actively in the process, you can achieve much higher than where they would get if it should only be limited to inform them about the history, nature and form of implementation change openness and collaboration. Even the Manager of organizational development that start the changes, the final results always depend on largely partners and its attitude towards the change. Current reality today the OJ is not used commonly, since much time is required for this process and this results in high costs, moreover, currently need strategies for change dynamics that provide the company a vision of it and possible solutions to face the difficulties, establishing models consistent with the requirements of the Organizationtaking into account your environment in order to promote changes quickly due to the dynamics in which we live, its turbulence, risks that involves. However, cannot be denied that the OJ has been one of the many precursors techniques of existing strategies, OJ delves into organizations, intervenes in all its structures, diagnostic and confronts weaknesses against the strengths in order to obtain the reason why it is failing. In some cases and when the company requires it, must be a study of organizational development, particularly when companies have distorted his initial vision and primary objectives. Main barriers barriers or obstacles change according to the company, each organization has its own limitations in if same and sometimes these come in clear confrontation with the premises of the OJ; in Venezuela it is difficult to apply this study, especially in institutions of the public administration, where the little collaboration by members of the institution made more difficult the process of diagnosis and in the case of private enterprise, as some participants have indicated, we got us with people who do not like to ventilate their problems for fear of losing their jobs, as well as management feels threatened when it is diagnosed with any failures.