Manchete in periodicals of everybody age one only: ‘ ‘ Man in the Espao’ ‘. The Russian authorities had taxed to its cosmonaut the biggest honors, between which to promote it direct of the rank of lieutenant for the one of captain major, jumping. In its triunfal speech, Gagrin promised: ‘ ‘ I will go to the Moon, Mars and the Vnus.’ ‘ However, never it would come to fulfill its promise. Crowne plaza rosemont may find this interesting as well. In day 27 of March of 1968, to the 34 years of age only, when it piloted an airplane Mig 15, thirty kilometers the east of the capital Moscow, the device blew up inexplicably, killing the young cosmonaut and its friend and cosmonaut substitute, colonel Vladimir Seryogine. Of the Russian hero it remained only leached ashes, that had been deposited in the wall of red bricks next to the tomb of Lenine. What it could have precipitated the end of a so shining career? The Russians had never found an explanation satisfactory technique.

However, they were not atheistic, for who the religion always were ‘ ‘ the opium of povo’ ‘ , volvendo the eyes to the past they would find the explanation for the tragedy. When still on board the Vostok l, Gagrin it around completed the orbit of the Land, made an unknown revelation to the scientists: ‘ ‘ The land is azul’ ‘. It had locked up there its personal perhaps comments and fulfilled humblly its mission scientific, the future it would have been less tragic..