In China

Today abandoned. But he invoiced points in media 51 But the vehicles leave of side. We are one of the few countries where the blessings of the Mother Nature, in offer innumerable 0 variable of energy matrices. Unhappyly the authorities are not taking serious the one of the great problems on to the production of energy, in special the generated ones for the hidroeltricas. We mention the ambient damages to it that the new hidroeltricas that are in make of implantation and licitation, in the Amazon region. It is known that the rivers of this region are plain rivers and that does not exist for consequence enough declivity so that the waters reach the combination demanded for the laws of the Physics: mass + speed = force enough to generate the turbines that will go to generate electric energy. then asks to which the reason to install new generating units in so wild places? Or it will be that these highly harmful complexes to the environment, in construction are being constructed to take care of to new industrial complexes of the type Valley? Industries of aluminum exploration? The energy matrices of type MDL are available in Brazil of north the south and east the west, passing for the center-west. Little has been applied in relation to the aeolian energy.

Ones of the consulted impediments according to technician directly is focados in the costs of the necessary investments. Brazil already withholds the domain in the production of the components for this generating type of energy. Even though, the high prices not yet allow its application in bigger scale. In China the aeolian energy has a considerable use. I cheap left but to matter of the China of what to buy in Brazil. In article postado for Landmarks Coast, we have the following information: ' ' Up to 2020, the capacity installed of aeolian energy in China can arrive the 230 GW, that is, an energy block equivalent the 13 times the current capacity of the hydroelectric plant of Three Throats, with volume of annual generation of the order of 465 TWh.