Black Sea Fleet

For 20 months the system “VseVObmen.Ru” gives its services to guests and users! What interesting things happened during those 20 months? It’s about lots of new and popular, on successful exchanges, news system, and the next release service. By the way, in April of functionality of the system seriously supplemented with new features. What is new now is the system? Here’s the basic: 1) Quick poll – it’s an opportunity to compare their views and opinions of others. The first survey in system devoted to elucidating the relationship of users to charity: we have already summed it up. Booth devoted to the growing integration of Russia and Ukraine, in particular the extension of the contract to host Black Sea Fleet. Speak out – we are interested in your opinion! 2) The system comes humor – namely, appeared anecdote of the day and tips for a functional “VseVObmen.Ru” – with a smile, use every possible advantage of the system. In many of the tips built-in mechanisms for sharing and distribution of lots, search suggestions, and other useful functions.

3) Now, users of the system became even closer – than the usual reports on the lots the opportunity to send personal posts about everything! This is another reason to post pretty pictures – just not a lot, but their own! 4) give each other things and services in even easier – and there are special interest for Top 4 – “The most recent gift lots” and the “most attractive lots for nothing!” In May 2010, in the almost 2.5 thousand registered users and thousands of lots – is what to choose – among the most fresh and interesting: IPhone 8 Gb, apartment in the Volga, Business for sale: Recycling waste wood into wood chips, car BMW 316 air rifle IZH – 61, as well as a lot of clothing, medals and coins. There are crazy cousins: Going to the cinema with a charming brunette in St. Petersburg, the Vampire Slayer (already had to be exchanged), Books Yevgeny Petrosyan, Friendship 15-year-Milad, which is “good, honest, honest.” Replenished news-system as usual news from all over the world and the very-very interesting – from the maternity records Italy to the most bizarre tax initiatives. In the “VseVObmen.Ru” bustling, but not enough for you and your lots! Come and put us in something you do not need!