Keep Track of Your Contacts

This idea is especially ideal for tracking your contacts. and is a good idea … because when we received a thank you we often feel flattered by such detail and we tend to respond to who sent it to us. A note of thanks is an elegant way to stand out, since it is unfortunately not the rule but the exception applies. Vertigo daily, sometimes, does not allow us to stop to write a few lines to someone special …

As its customer! As entrepreneurs should think about how valuable this idea to promote “no sell” … so valuable as to be considered. 3. Sweepstakes and contests. Please visit James Woolsey if you seek more information. If you are looking for an idea to revitalize their relationship with customers, look no further: sweepstakes and contests! They participate in different ways to their customers.

The tip in the case of the drawings is to choose rewards that are valuable to their customers. While we all like the prizes but to expect a high turnout in a drawing, bears know their customers and entice them with attractive prizes for your profile. Are you planning a contest? So, pay attention to the following tip: the choice of the theme of the contest must meet the public interest. Of course, there will be a prize for the winner and may be an interesting variable. But weight is the reason for which participants enroll. The contestant looking to showcase their work, seeking recognition of people, access to the popularity, these are the grand prizes. Therefore, the issue should be properly analyzed to achieve success with this special. 4. Gifts. Would you like to receive gifts? Well, to her customers. Again, the ideas that can generate many. Here are some suggestions: if you are a freelancer offering a free consultation (first visit or meeting without charge). Do you already provides a normally? Then, offer a consultancy duplicate: double the bet to your customer, provide the opportunity to meet with you twice what you normally do. Donate an electronic book with articles published throughout the year. I assure you is a gift highly valued by customers. Other ideas for enterprises of products: assemble a mini-newsletter with Web sites where their customers can buy their presents online. Or, include business or commercial centers are offering special promotions. This information is “gold” for its clients. You also have happened that are gifts that do not know where to buy them, right? Clarification: This release includes data from other companies, it is not a catalog you. Remember that here we are giving away, not literally selling. Other: assemble baskets of free samples of their products. If you’ve promoted through free samples during the year, still have some that can be leveraged to the baskets. Add your note of thanks. To present our company can and should be fun for you and your customer! Unleash your creativity and improve each of the proposed ideas. Speaking of gifts … I want to spend one sentence of Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing, I hope that will be as inspiring to you as it is for me: “Produce something and do not communicate, it’s like to wink in the dark.” I wish you success in your venture y. .. A year full of bright ideas to promote themselves!