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If you've never done this before, you may need some research, but should provide a list of good company to start. A more recent classification system of the industry known as NAICS codes that can be used also to hold on to the one you are most comfortable. If you've chosen a few industries and use a code system to find a cross section of businesses in the city, you should have a long list of companies that will form the basis of your search. In your business listing in hand, a website called This is a free Web site that monitors changes in any site that asks you to.

Now find the career pages of the 100 companies that are interested and have ChangeNotes monitor sites for you. You will receive a daily email of changes to these pages and not have to go to all 100 sites each night to ensure you always have updated information. You know that the information arriving daily to you about job opportunities in their top 100 prospects. 4. Call direct hiring managers? Once you actually find a job opportunity is not enough to send a few resumes and wait by the phone. You have to get on the phone with the receptionist of the company and find out who is the head of recruitment for the post. No act of aggression, but is confident, firm and respectful. These people call all day from sellers who think the way to deal with them is to intimidate their way through to get the information they want.