Network Marketing

Network Marketing – it's not a pyramid Millions of people have had success in online business. On the topic of network marketing written thousands of books that held thousands of mass training. And this business is growing with each passing day more and stronger. But, unfortunately, the more developed marketing network, the more a so-called "financial pyramids". And sadder still that many people had such a stereotype that pyramid schemes and network marketing – this is the same.

Let's see, what's the difference between mlm and pyramids? Here are the main features of the financial pyramid: 1) lack of company enjoyed strong demand in the free market of goods, if you invite to some project, but you can see that the real product is not there – then you know that you are invited into a real pyramid. Here we must be very careful. At this moment naplodilos many of these pyramid schemes, and they are improving day by day in terms of lip service to the people. There are plenty of companies – disguised pyramid schemes, which as a commodity offered some dubious services. 2) a high entry fee, and 3) payments to attract new members; That is the main income people receive is not what sells the goods to someone, but only for the fact that attracting new partners who have in turn make the purchase (as usually large), which is necessary for entry into the system. Remember the most important, before entering into any network company, check out all 100 times, evaluate, read reviews on the Internet, will be examined in the Company, Understand the marketing plan of the company. Failed most of the distributors is that they once met with network marketing, for some reason blindly into the first company and consider it the best of the best and that the company they would build their business life In fact, we must see and become acquainted with all the companies spend on this at least a month.

But in the future, you will save yourself a lot of money, energy, nerves and time. Beware of pyramid schemes – this is not network marketing. This is just a type of fraud. You will not very pleasant, as you invite some of his acquaintances in the company, they invest money into it, and prove that it was a Ponzi scheme and quickly fell apart. Better safe than sorry. Just a great pity to see people who fall into the pyramid. They are there so brainwashed, that person becomes just do not know. Good luck you in your mlm business! Be careful when choosing a company!