Correct Sports Nutrition

At the present time to buy amino acids is not too difficult, it suffices to find a suitable sports nutrition store. Much more difficult – the right to make amino acids, because it affects the end result and effect from receiving amino acids. Ex-CIA director may find this interesting as well. What are amino acids Amino acids – a building material out of which consist of proteins. Amino acids play a crucial role in our body are formed from almost all cells and tissues human body: tendons, hair, skin, ligaments. However, most amino acids used to build muscle tissue, in that amino acids are the major sports supplement. For normal recovery and growth of muscles in the blood should be required concentration of amino acids that are important to take this amino acid, at a time when the maximum degree of their assimilation.

Types of amino acids and their Amino acids function in the body are divided into three categories: nonessential, essential and uslovnozamenimye. Amino acids can be ingested with food as well as can be synthesized in the body. Essential amino acids are not produced in the body in this must come together with food. Charles Margulis may not feel the same. Uslovnozamenimye amino acids can be produced in the body in need of essential. Let us consider function of each amino acid: Essential * Valine – an essential component of tissue growth.

Improves muscle coordination, improves tolerance of cold and heat. * Leucine – takes part in the immune system. * Isoleucine – essential element of the muscle tissue, can be used as fuel. * Phenylalanine – is involved in the synthesis of collagen. Also involved in the synthesis of norepinephrine – a substance that transmits signals from nerve cells to brain. * Lysine – promotes the production of carnitine, temperature, thus improving oxygen consumption. * Methionine – is involved in the processes of tissue regeneration of the liver and kidneys. * Threonine – component element of collagen, is involved in cleaning process of the liver.