Book Success

In 2010 the book was published Julia Shilova circulation of nearly 4 million copies. Follow others, such as Greenwich Village Art Fair, and add to your knowledge base. According to the Russian Book Chamber, it was the second largest number of published books, ahead of the acknowledged masters of words, such as Boris Akunin Marinina and Tatiana Ustinova. In 2010, remained stable demand for female readers in general and detectives to crime melodrama in particular. Melodrama Shilova affect problems that are typical for modern women trying to not just survive but to succeed in today's world unkind. The stories described in her works, not completely fictitious, based on lies a story that could easily happen to anyone, but a good share of "extreme." Seeking the most realistic approach, the author ends the book does not always "happy-endom", in turn, tragic ending makes one wonder about the stated problem and motivates discuss it with your friends. Books are easily read, the author speaks in the language that is typical for most of the female audience that can not be trusted.

Shilov said that a woman should always have its own source of income, even having secured a husband must be financially independent. Falling under the influence of strong passion to keep a cool head and do not live in a fool's paradise. Next to the woman to be a man, right on the intelligence and character, rather than purse. Lacking understanding of the family, a woman will alone and miserable. Julia Shilova written more than eighty books, all of them are bright double names such as "Man on a plate, or will all like you like! "that has become a distinctive trademark. She had to endure many hardships in life that is reflected in its books.

These difficulties are not only not broken writer, but tempered by nature and now this successful and beautiful woman. For his books, it applies to children going through with them the ups and downs, they all loved and welcome. Each book Shilova inherent honesty in every piece of her soul. Labor of love brings her joy of creativity and love of readers can express themselves and their view of life.