Translating a Resume

In each translation in the day we send up to 20 letters with a summary, not only from different translators, and from representatives of border professionals such as editors and proofreaders. To human resources manager, drew attention to a new offer of cooperation by highlighting it from the sea of letters, should arrange resume correctly! This article presents several key parameters on which candidates are selected through a resume. General guidance on the compilation and execution resumes for interpreters is not quite appropriate, because it is in most cases of freelance work. Many items that must necessarily be a classic summary, will be useless, and some need to paint the detail. The following recommendations are offered based on the most frequently occurring common mistakes candidates: 1. Certainly, every translator is willing to cooperate with several translation, but should not flaunt it.

Employers do not like mailing, however, as many "mere mortals". In this case, the message sent by or addressed many times while 15 recipients are likely to lands in the spam. 2. Create a summary of the other languages – well. Especially when it is done correctly and with a well-adapted text, not just the literal translation. Only send a resume to a single copy erroneous. For example, if you send a summary of the Francophone and staff offices, received him without an interpreter or a specialist, for example, in Italian and English languages, making translation from the French he will not, why Your profile can be ignored.

3. Respond to this job "Interpreter of German language" translators needed specifically Germanic languages, strange as it may be heard. If, after reviewing a summary, it remains unclear why it sent to the provided position, a portrait of the candidate is composed not for the better. 4. Indicate in the subject line "resume Ivan Ivanov" – wrong. In the subject indicates specialization, that is, "Interpreter (such a) of the language, but title the file with a summary to his initials. 5. Making a summary of the interpreter demonstrates his skills in the design of text documents. Ignorance of how to apply simple formatting tools (placement text in the row, separated by a paragraph, etc.) is questionable for the inspection, and sometimes forced to postpone the summary and forget about it. 6. In no case will not be tolerated errors of grammar and spelling. 7. Definitely worth the price to study Office, which decided to cooperate and want to send a resume. It is necessary to harmonize their tariffs with prices for office services. Indicate the preliminary tariffs must necessarily! At the interview you can discuss, amend, etc., but they must be specified. If the resume is sent to another country, then fares should translate into dollars. 8. When referring to the knowledge of several languages to be painted, where, at what time, under what conditions and in extent to which examines each of them. Expression of Higher Education. To translate from English and Spanish languages. I speak as a Japanese and a little Latin, "without further explanation leaves many questions. 9. and finally, the translation need not be aware of the absence of the candidate's bad habits such as smoking, or a passion for horror movies. But to indicate such things as having a central place of work, frequent travel or lack of continued access to the Internet, without fail!