Wedding Contests

Today, there are a variety of fun games and contests for the wedding. When choosing games is the main principle of choosing such fun that it would be appropriate to your celebration. Tenders for the wedding must be appropriate for all contingent present at the festival. Be sure to pay attention to the age and financial status of each guest. In the event that married couples aged, the contests and games held at their celebration may not be suitable for young guests. Yet we must not forget the guests who, for various reasons can not participate in competitions. Tenders must be calculated not only participants but also to the observers.

For a good mood guests, as usual, answers a guest at the feast professional toastmaster. Even if you do not go for any reason to hire a toast-man, you should also prepare all the contests before the holiday. Make sure to Entertainment at the festival left with only pleasant memories. Let's consider a few of them. "Guess the other half" – a contest that under the force to cheer everyone present at the wedding guest.

The essence of this the game is that both husband and wife should know his opponent on some authority, for example, the nose. In the competition for the pre-spaced chairs sat the groom, and three other male representatives, then the bride with blindfolded guesses her lover, touching noses of all men. Next couple swap roles, and his wife sat down the other girls. Now the groom learns to touch any of the girls – his wife. 'Alcohol Relay '- this entertaining contest will not only entertainment for guests but also provide an opportunity to rise from his chair. For this relay participants will be divided into two teams. Then, in the other side of the room on a chair pose with a bottle alcohol and glass. That is, in fact everything is ready for this relay. The first representative from each team gets to his alcohol and pours the contents of the bottle into the glass. And the next party is obliged to drink it. Third again pours, and fourth drink. Team, which quickly ended in a drink bottle and wins. "A boy or a girl." Husband and wife give head cabbage, and they start to tear. Through this competition, you can determine who was the first born, a daughter or a boy. Accordingly, if the first make out a head of cabbage fiance, a boy, when his wife, a daughter.