Teens Prefer Internet To TV

He is grabbing all the moments of our lives and are increasingly the tools to communicate, have fun, work or simply get carried away for a few hours of leisure, watching movies or listening to music. One of the media that threatened his tenure with the imprint of the internet is the TV, who until now had ruled our lives. According to a survey conducted for the report of the Interactive Generation Forum in Spain, 68% of adolescents between 10 and 18 prefer the Internet to television and 88% said Internet user. Definitely it's not surprising that they attract more children using the internet because on the one hand, are more accustomed to its use and especially to social networks. will not settle for partial explanations. According to the same survey, 40% created blog, photoblog or website. It is important to note that the preference towards the internet could be explained by the interaction is between the author and site visitor on the other hand, the TV lacks this possibility, putting the user in purely passive position.

However, having everything on the Internet through a computer and have access to virtually everything we do (study, work, play, music, movies, etc..), Is fostering a generation that increasingly sedentary more concerned with the specialists. Obesity rates are increasingly high and there is no way that children and adolescents enjoy the sport who prefer to be in front of the computer. In conclusion, this preference of the Internet can be very encouraging for the online marketing, but can also be detrimental to the health of these people. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy balance for both parties to benefit from these tools that have come to stay in a world where communications are no longer barriers.