The Process

The proper one human being was being decimated for the overwhelming consequences of a completely other people’s mentality to the existenciais questions. As it affirms Cotrim (2006, p.195), ' ' century XX cannot be closed for rocking. Who remains open to want compreend-lo.' ' 1.2 – Understanding the massificao concept the massificao concept is related to the social dynamics characterized by the dilution of the being in one all permeado by a context of extreme alienation. In this regimen, the individual characteristics, particularitities and necessities are synthecized by a exacerbado existencial reducionismo, where the social dynamics passes to be characterized by the imitation. In it, the creative capacity is substituted by a quiet process of intellectual atrofiamento.

Quiet because it does not make use of the physical violence, but of a wide more efficient mechanism: the power of the ideological manipulation. By the way, she is necessary to stand out the question of the influences of the medias, over all in what it refers to the adoption of massificados behaviors. These have as main engine the effective ideologies in the present time. Such ideologies, based on the capitalist logic, have as characteristic basic the transitoriedade of all the things and the banalizao of the proper existence. Everything is reduced to a fragile and temporary modismo.

It does not have more space for the establishment of behaviors and taken root behaviors, based on the critical reason. By the way, this is submitted to a process of destruction and banalizao. To leave itself to guide for it is, vulgarly, not to follow social changes. 1. 3? The process of alienation and the concept of ideology: shades for a reflection on the massificao the massificao process closely is related to the proper process of industrialization occurred over all from century XIX. industrialization brought obtains the sprouting and the monstrous growth of the technology that, also, finished penetrating in all the spheres of the existence.